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Shai's Peace & Love Page

For start I want to greet you and remind you that it doesn't
matter if you are a man or a woman, an Arabic or an Israeli, a black or a white man.
This page is meant for everyone that wants to make a change.
Everyday we hear in the news about a war
going on in a "far away" country and think "So what does it concern me?".
Well here is your mistake !!! I, as a Israeli, can say that the terrorist attacks going on on a
regular bases in my country do concern me and effect my life. Well I know that this home page is not going to change the world and make it a better place but it will bring people to an understandnig that there are other people in this world but them.

Making Peace,
Is not about signing agreements between countries or a handshake between two ministers, but about the people. Agreements aren't worth anything if the people don't respect them. The people have the power to force the govermnet to make peace and then to respect the agreement. The bottom line is that peace is the only way that the human society will survive for a longer time.

the visitor of this site, can start taking a step towards peace in a lot of ways. You can be more tolerant, and think of the world as your home and that you should take care of it. You can try to be more nice to people, even when they are mean to you, and make them understand that you don't need to waste your time on foolish things like fights. Another way you can help makingpeace is to crictise people when you hear them say a racist joke and advise them to change their language (i.e. instead of nigar, say black). To concluse all this, you should believe in peace and try to contribute yourself to it.

Please sign my Guestbook so me, and other people can know who you are.

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Imagine all the

people who have been here living life in peace....

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