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All About Me


My name is Shai Davidai and I am from Israel. I'm 14 years old, 173 cm tall. I enjoy playing in the computer, watching TV, listening to music and sometimes hanging around with my friends. My favourite bands are The Beatles and Bad Religion . I also enjoy creating home pages on the net and using my rights as a human been to self expression. I believe in the freedom of speech, in democracy and human rights. As you should know, as a visitor to this site, I am against racism, and any kind of discration. I am pro peace and my one of my motos is:

"Don't Serach the way for peace, peace is the way". I am against violence and realy am a quiet guy. I don't go around looking for trouble even though I like to cryticse people, a lot. I am working now on a new home page to replace my existing one in geocities
[] and I need some people to help me with it. You don't need to be a html wiz or have you're own home page but I need as much as 3-5 people.
If you want to help cotact me at:

Well that's it for now. Soon there will be a picture of me here so if you're interested come back whenever possible.

Be sure to:

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